Help w 3 new Hatchlings... and counting. Should I bring them inside??


8 Years
May 31, 2011
Silky hen is good 'ol faithful. She has been setting for days and days.
I have 20 (puchased) chicks inside under a heat lamp that are a couple weeks old. Should I bring these silkie
hatchlings inside and put them in with the others? Should I bring them inside but separate them into another box under
the heat lamp? We live in Maine, nights are still cool. And the hatchlings are in with the rest of the peeps, ducks, etc at night.
(She was stubborn about being moved.)

Thanks for your help! It's been a fun day for the little ones!!
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I was going to ask the same question. I have a hen sitting and her eggs have began to hatch there is actual openings where you can see the chicks. I fear the fire ants will attack and was wondering about bringing them in under a heat lamp as well.

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