Help w/Swollen Feet?!?

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    Hey all! My husband and I stupidly got 2 more hens at the auction today...they are big white birds. They have ONLY been fed bread and are of laying age but they needed me to "rescue" them and didn't cost much.

    One has swollen feet. No scales that we can see...reminds me of a pregnant person retaining water. Just swollen all over. In fact she is quite a bit bigger than the other hen we got (maybe she is swollen everywhere?)...she also has NO tale feathers (kinda like mounting from a roo). We were TOLD they were laying hens of age but have not laid yet. We now have her on real chicken food and nutridrench..she is NOW on pine shavings. Her poo is REALLY liquidy...

    Is there any hope for her? Both birds are away from our flock. We want to try and make her and her friend part of our flock hopefully- but if not we will just cull her. I just want to give her a chance to live and at least have better conditions than she had.
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    If she was living in crowded conditions or was cramped in a cage for a while, maybe she has edema. We had a chick with temporary edema because it was stuck in the egg too long. Maybe some good food and room to stretch will improve the circulation.
  3. It is likely edema caused by lack of protein. When a person's (or chicken's) blood albumin is low, the body retains lots of fluid. If you can get her on the highest protein diet you can for a while it may likely resolve. Boiled eggs are also good.

    Also, Avian 2000 in their water and Polyvisol drops for about 3 weeks should perk them up. I think they are suffering from pure malnutrition.
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