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    Yesterday we got 6 new chickens from the feed store(1 ameraucana, 1 golden sex link, 2 rhode island reds, and two barred rocks.) They all were very lively, curious, happy, etc when they arrived home. We woke up in the morning and went outside to check on them . They have been staying in the shed outback with a heat lamp etc and door closed. It get's warm in there. Later we found the ameracana on the floor with it's eyes closed…. some other chicks were stepping on `him. We were all positive he had died, until he started moving and peeping. My grandma, experienced chicken raiser, nursed it and it has been doing okay. It is in a separate box and will barely move. He just started to stand rather than lay down and he occasionally walks around. What could this be? Could he have gotten to cold? He is 3 days old. praying for a full recovery[​IMG] After we separated him, another chick (the golden sex link) started exhibiting similar behavior with wobbly walking etc. We separated him to and he has fully recovered and is as lively as ever.

    Thanks. Please Help. [​IMG]
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    probably stressed or bad respority.
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    I had one chick who I was sure was gonna die...2 days after I got her. But she made it! She was lethargic and not moving much. Hatchery said she was probably just resting after the trip..and sure enough that is what it was.
    If she is wobbly, it could be needing rest, or possibly even Marek's maybe....others will chime in with more advice!
    I would just give her electrolytes, and boil an egg and see if she will eat any of should get her moving around hopefully.
  4. It's very important to make sure young chicks are eating and drinking. Make sure the chick's butt is clean.
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