help! weird worm sticking out of hens back!


Apr 26, 2015
I'm totally new to chickens. Please tell me if this is normal. I got this buff orpington from someone locally aBut twords weeks ago. On Friday she wasn't walking so I separated her to figure out what was going on. found black scabs so I'm treating her for bumblefoot. I just gave her a soak and a new dressing and then put her out in the yard to enjoy some time in the grass since shestablished been cooped up all weekend. She started pecking at her back and I noticed this white thing sticking out. I tried to grab it with tweezers and it's hard. It freaked me out so I thought I'd ask here what the heck is going on! Thanks for Helping!

It sticks out maybe 1/2 inch. Also is it normal to have dark dusty lookingNess at the base of the feathers? I just gave her a bath on Saturday but didn't want to get all in her business to agressively.
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If it's at the base of her tail feathers/rump, it's not a worm. It's her oil gland which all chickens have, and is normal. She will reach around and nibble on it, then apply it to her feathers (preening.)
Oh my goodness, it is. Thank you so much!!! I'm glad I didn't do more than,just prod at it a bit. It really freaked me out!
Also check for mites if she looks dirty. The tiniest tiniest crawling bugs. They can make the base of her feathers dirty.

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