Help! What are these spots?


Oct 4, 2017
Lincolnton, NC
That’s what I was thinking. So I should just keep an eye on them and let them heal on their own? I’ve added some apple cider vinegar to their water to help with prevention.
ACV can help to support a healthy biodome/ immunity but it will not treat or prevent fowl pox.

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Jul 19, 2016
Fowl Pox is a slow-spreading virus that often affects birds, including poultry. It is transmitted either from mosquitoes, direct contact with another infected bird, or via a person, or object that was recently in contact with the virus.

There is no cure for Fowlpox, only supportive care, and vaccines. If she is the only bird affected as of now, it may be best to administer a vaccine to the whole flock which can help reduce the spread and severity of the virus. For the bird affected, you can apply iodine to the lesions a few times a day to prevent the surrounding tissue from getting infected, and to dry the scabs out. It may be best to separate her from the flock if she is the only bird affected to reduce transmission.

Vitamins, specifically vitamin A may be useful during recovery. Disinfecting their waterer and feeders may be a good idea too.


Apr 4, 2020
Denton, TX
Thanks for all the help everyone! I guess what I’m asking is this, if I leave it untreated and just keep an eye on the chickens to make sure it isn’t causing them to not eat or get weak, is that OK? Or do I need to actively take some sort of measure to help.

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