help!! what breed of chicken do I have?


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May 4, 2015

I got this one from a local feed store in a bin with other assorted bantams. It has feathered feet but I can't seem to figure out the breed
What a little cutie! Is it developing a pea comb or a single comb?

ETA - just noticed this is your first post - Welcome to BYC!!!!
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And this is the one other bantam I can't figure out. This one is much smaller than all the rest
That looks kinda like my deformed Gold Star chick. She's got furry feet and she still has her downy feathers and she's already 6 weeks old
First chick looks to have a single comb in that new photo, so would say a bantam Cochin. Did you ID the second one yet or, if not, do you have an updated photo of it?
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I haven't I'd the second one yet but I will get a Better pic when I'm off work tonight . thank you

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