Help! what should I do?


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Aug 31, 2014
hi i'm relatively need to this forum and on very new to ducks sitting on their eggs i have a muScovy cross and she has found a nesting spot in the worst possible place i have put under her 2 fertile eggs in place of some dud eggs so in total she has 12 eggs she is laying on however yesterday she started laying on them all day and was very protective of them this is only i rigged up a different 10 around this spot so she would be safe but come night time when she usually gets put away she found a way to jump out and decided to go to bed now from what i have read because she left her eggs overnight they would be dEad now right?i thought maybe because she did that she wouldn't go back to the nest but this morning she has gone back and is still very protective and when i approached her she goes to snap and makes a very interesting nOise if i was to move the nest to her usual pen would she abandon itbecause i don't want to do this if she will just try and Lay somewhere else. i i had planned on buying some Fertileeggs and swapping them over but i don't want to do this if she want lay on Them all night.thanks in advance and sorry for the spelling and writing as my phone makes it all jumbled up


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Sep 11, 2010
She may not be done building her clutch yet. I would wait until she sets for at least 3 days. Anything you do to her nesting spot may make her want to abandon it.

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