Help Whats Wrong With My Chicks?? *PICS*


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I just started to notice that almost all the chicks I got from Murry McMury hatchery have something really wrong with them. I don't know exactly how to describe it other than on all there right front sides it looks like a huge tumor growing under their skin! Basically their right breast is way bigger than the left, and there is a bald patch with no feathers in that area because their skin is stretched out so much. Does anyone have any idea whats wrong with them??? Is this something that is contagious? They have not been around any of my other chickens. I have had them in a brooder, and then about 4 days ago moved them to a grow out pen. They are just over a month old. Any help is appreciated, and pics are below. Thanks



LOL its nothing to worry about its called the crop where the food goes into it streches out as they eat more um if they are eating drinking and acting fine they should be perfectly good and he is a beaut hope you know hes a he well it looks like it to me ps it will feather out on top of it
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Are you sure that is not there crop?? That is what it looks like to me. In the morning it should be just about empty and then as they eat it slowely fills back up.....
25 out of 29 of the chicks that came from them are like this though. If it were just 1 or 2 I wouldn't be as worried, but this many really is bugging me. I had 2 die in the last couple of days, I wonder if this could have caused them to die?
well thats because they are full and the others arnt as much i dont think it will be a problem to worry about and they dying part im sorry for your loss sometimes they just pass
Ok, well I feel stupid now,lol. I didn't think about that because some of the others aren't like that from the same group. Then the chicks I have hatched here at home that are in a seperate pen don't do that, so it never dawned on me. Sorry, guess I really am going insane,lol.

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