Help what's wrong with my hen

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    I think my hen tried to lay her first egg. This morning when i let them out of their coop i noticed her backend was really wet. When i got home today i looked closer and she had a rubbery substance stuck to her feathers and her vent was protruding and red. I cleaned her up and pushed it back in. When i went back out to check her, her vent looked better but she's just walking around leaking clear fluid. It doesn't smell bad, she's acting normal. What could be wrong with her and what should i do?

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    This could be any one of several problems:

    Vent Gleet

    Egg Binding


    Internal Laying

    The most likely one to me is vent gleet, which is a type of bacteria/yeast infection. Take a look at these links:

    If she is egg bound her bottom will probably be swollen and she may be fluffed out and sickly-looking. If you search the site you will find many threads about prolapses, internal laying and egg binding if you are interested in looking into them.

    Good luck! :)

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