Help! Which breeds do I need to focus on?!

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    Nov 29, 2011
    Hi, there! Am relatively new to the chicken world, and despite all my research, am still in a quandary about which breeds I should acquire. I picked up a couple of free roosters last night - a Silkie and a Showgirl. Even though I've had a bad experience with banties, I adore these breeds because of their funky hairdo's and submissive nature. Moving toward building the hen side of our flock, I'm stuck on which breeds are best...we want a friendly pet who's also a good layer. So far, it seems Ameraucana's, Sussex, and Orpingtons would be the best dual-purpose bird...any thoughts? Suggestions?? Personal experiences?? Thanks so much!! Have emailed a couple of hatcheries with the same questions and not had any responses yet. [​IMG]

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    I can let you know that if you buy from a hatchery or feed store you will be getting Easter Eggers not Ameracuana, they are miss labeled but lay olive, green, blue, brown or pink eggs so they make a pretty egg basket. We have EE, Orps and Ameracuana and enjoy them all. Some are breeders, some are just eatting egg producers.
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    What the poster above said is true. Any hatchery selling an "Americana" is really selling an Easter Egger. BUT EE's are great! They are fun friendly and lay neat colored eggs.

    What I would do, if I was starting out all over again, is to just go and buy a "mixed bag". Get 1 or 2 of a bunch of different kinds, and then raise them.

    You will find your preferences change as you learn more about what you are doing.

    The bird I started with (which I thought was my favorite breed) ended up not being my favorite after I owned them.

    Hope this helps!
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    I love my Orpingtons, Ameraucanas and Astrolorps. They are friendlier and have a gentlier disposition than the other breeds I have, but my Gold Stars, Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshire hens are the most consistant and best egg layers. There are so many wonderful breeds out there. I plan on getting a few new breeds this spring. I think it is cool to have an eclectic blend of hens (its also easier to remember their names).

    This site is a great place to reference for any issues that come up or just to share some exciting news (like your first egg!)
    Good Luck! I hope you have a great experience!
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    My Delawares are super friendly, so are my BSL's and they are all great layers. I agree, get a mixed bag and see what you like, then try getting stock in that breed from a breeder.

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    Are you looking to sell them, or are they just for your own personal use? (sell as in breed and sell the chicks/juvenile birds)

    If you are just looking for the best dual purpose bird for you personally and not to breed, I would say Orpingtons. You will not get a great orpington from a hatchery. It all really depends what you want in a bird. If it was me, I would choose BR if it had to come to it. The barred rock is the nicest/largest (besides the BO full grown) out of my flock. I have many different breeds. 2 Polish, 4 silkie, 1 RIR, 3 BR, 3 Cochins, 1 Orpington, 1 Delaware, 1 Wyandotte, 1 Production red, and one mutt.
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    Nov 29, 2011
    Thank you so incredibly much, everyone! I'm seeing a trend of breeds between your all's posts, and will try the "mixed bag" approach...wish me luck!![​IMG]

    Chicken Momma to Rudy (Showgirl) and Nick (Silkie)
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