Help with 2 sick hens

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    May 30, 2016
    Hoping someone may help my 2 ladies. My older girl 4 yrs named Tippy starts acting a little odd a few days ago. I separated her and she seemed to do better, she drank water and ate. However a day later her comb has completely flopped over and she has not eaten anything on her own. She was has terrible diarrhea that smells worse then normal. I have been giving her Gatorade with a syringe and also some water mixed with baby chick food. She also looks like her beak is becoming black. Any help would be appreciated.

    Junior is my second sick hen, yesterday i noticed she wasn't her happy self. I left my 3 girls out and an hour later found her hiding under a bush. It almost looks like she had thrown up seeds but I can't be sure. I isolated her as well, and she will not eat or drink anything. As with Tippy I am giving her Gatorade and mixed chick food with water.

    I hate to see my girls suffer and would appreciate any guidance. Thanks very much

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