Help With A CHicken Who Doesn't Seem RIght

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    A couple of weeks ago, I had a chicken who was sneezing. SHe got over that and seemed fine. Now in the last week or so, she has stopped eatting the chicken scratch I leave out as a treat, but will eat stuff from the outside free ranging. She isn't acting really sociable and is the last to leave the coop. I also have been noticing some diarrhea type poops around, that I suspect may be from her. I'm not sure that she is laying much either. Any ideas????
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    huh? that is weird! try some yogert to help w/the runny poop! maybe she will come back around when she gets back in the swing of things! hope all goesw well!
  3. As long as she eating and drinking I would not worry. Some of my chickens have never ate scratch. If she appears healthy, red comb and bright eyes. Is she eating the reg chicken feed and drinking. When was the last time she was wormed?
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    Well...I thought about worms, but the book that I have by the Rodale organic people, says not to worm unless you see them in the poop. I checked and no sign of them. I just gave her a plate of rolled oats laced with chopped garlic and she ate most of it.
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    check the crop...feel for grainy feeling, or soft and squishy, or any lumps or sour odor..

    the crop should feel full after eating..or at roost time.
    should feel empty or almost flat in the morning before she eats.

    check the mouth and throat for any sores.

    it's possible she has cocci, ..which needs to be treated promptly.

    best to have a fecal test done at a vet for worms and protozoa (cocci).
    (not all worms can be seen)

    check the eyes for any wetness or swelling, or crust.
    check for breath sounds..(wheezing/rattling/gurgling)

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