Help with a goat herd name.

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    Ok guys I am having troubles with a name for our herd of goats.
    Here is some back ground in order to help you help me. The reason I got my goats is my 2 yr old son Kadon can not have cows milk. At the moment I have 2 Nubian does and 1 Saanen doe and 1 Saanen buck. (more to come but sticking with nubians and saanens lol) My name is Katrina. I have 3 kids. We live on a small farm with other animals. I am looking for something that has a ring to it. We love the outdoors, nature etc... We do not have a creek on the property, no pond.
    Post anything that you can come up with, if you need more info let me know. Go figure I have the goat babies to be names picked out already. Why is this so hard?
    Thank for your help.
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    Maybe something with your local flora like Beechwood Acres, Oak Grove, White Blossom, Purple Meadows, or Cloverfield
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    I picked my farm name and brand from music. I liked the song Lifesong by Casting Crowns so my farm name has that in it and my brand is a treble and bass clef forming a heart.

    ETA: Here is a nifty site I ran across. Everyone is telling their farm names and how they came to it. I like the Fallen Oak Ranch.
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  4. Pests ?
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    Keep it simple. The Goaties.
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    I need more info. You can PM me if you want since I know you don't want too much personal stuff on here. What I do is use kids names, last name, Combo of the first letters of the kid's names. say all of your names start with "k" call it 5K acres or Special K Acres or something like that ...anyway give me some more info and I will come up with a few suggestions.

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