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    My son has a pair of barred blues he picked up at a swap meet. They were hatched them from eggs from BYC. The hen is a beauty, we passed her off as a blue at the county fair. The judge pointed out she has a little barring but seemed to be impressed with her fabulous blue coloring. We would like to cross our pair but have very little information on what the offspring would look like. We were guessing we would get 6 types, blue, black, splash along with the same colors with barred. We are trying to get a few blue rocks to show at local shows. Do you think it is possible to do this with the stock we have or should we be looking to buy some straight out blues-which seem to be difficult to find? If I were able to get a few splashes I could breed back to black to work on the blue angle. I am assuming the roo and hen each carry a single barr gene and that all of the roos will get a bar gene,but not all of the hens will.

    Thanks for any help or advice you could give.
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