help with bottom drain on pool


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Apr 25, 2015
Hi I'm new here I haven't even gotten my ducks yet ( 2 Indian runners). I am now preparing a pen adjacent to my organic garden. I have a preformed garden pond I plan setting on top of the ground. I want to add a bottom drain to attach a garden hose which I will then water and fertilize my plants using gravity flow from their fouled water. My question is can I get fitting the size of my garden hose as the drain. Will it just plug up if it is that small? . since the pond will be above ground with a ramp for the ducks other than duck waste I should only have to deal with the occasional wild blown leave in the water. I do have very limited funds so I need to use the pool I own to design this feature


7 Years
May 19, 2014
Georgetown, TX
Use a valve that will open all the way up. I tried a spigot and that was a nightmare. Also the higher up your pool it the better because the water coming out will only have the pressure of gravity. The lower to the ground the slower it will be. I would elevate it if at all possible since it is going to have to have more pressure to push it through a hose.

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