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9 Years
Apr 11, 2013
Gunnison, CO
I got this little chick yesterday at a local chick seller. I got a dozen others, all hens, and the farmer threw in this chick as a free one, though he warned me it was a straight run. I can't remember what breed it is, as it's the only one I didn't write down. Also, I any clues as to sex and/or hints as to what to watch for would be great. Thanks!

The farmer said if it was a Roo it would be very beautiful.
Looks like by bb red old english game bantam but bigger....sorry I have no idea. research chip munk marked chicks. there are some different breeds thats chicks look like this maybe you'll come across the one the farmer told you. good luck!
I do believe the farmer pulled this one out of the Bantam pen. As for the size, it's one of the biggest chicks in the brooder, but a lot of them are just over a week old. I suspect this one may be a touch older from it's attempts at flight and the wing feathers.
It looks like my speckled sussex. It that a possibility? Here is a picture I pulled off the web. Look at the wing feathering and the chipmunk patterns prior to feathering.

Wow, that picture looks spot on. I have to say, that REALLY looks like my chick. I think you may have solved my mystery. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also think it looks exactly like my wellies did when they were that age!

You should google the wellsummer rooster, its what the kellogs rooster is based on, very amazing looking, so from that hint could likely be a wellsummer! BUT if it IS a welsummer it is 90% a girl as you can sex them from day olds based on their eyeliner and the clearness of the 'V' on their heads (boys have just a dot of eyeliner and a fuzzy 'V'). The girls are very pretty too though, everyone always on how pretty mine are when they come and meet my chickens!
I definitely think brown leghorn. I've had both rooster and hen brown leghorns, almost positive that is what yours is. Also guessing she's a hen. If she is a brown leghorn her white spots will fade out gradually whereas a speckled sussex will gain more white spots (welsummers don't usually have white spots), so watch for that.
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