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    My son's class at school hatched some eggs. Generally they hatch Whiteleghorns. The teacher sent home a note asking if anyone wanted the chicks. My wife sent a note back saying that her father would take them. She brought them home and I took them to her father. They spent 2 weeks in the brooder gobbling up food.

    Last Saturday he called and said I have to come get them. I said why???? He said they are broilers. I went to see them and dang near fell out. They were huge!!! I brought them home and placed them in the chicken house. I have not had chickens in about 6 months.
    Filled up the drinking and the feeder. All I had was start and grow 20% feed. They inhaled it overnight.

    I went to the feed store and all I could find is unmedicated start and grow 20% protein. I did grow some a couple of years ago but raised them on a higher protein turkey starter.

    My question is, can I feed them the start and grow 20% feed until time to butcher?? Or do I need a higher protein feed? If so can I mix something in the start and grow to boost the protein???

    They will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. They look like little butterballs wobbling around in the chicken house. I have 11 of them.



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    If they are already that big, the 20% will be perfect to finish them.

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