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I have a golden comet hen who went broody. She is VERY aggressive (which she was always the most friendly of the 6) and wont let me get near the eggs. I have 6 hens total and 4 of them are laying around her in the same box. She then scoops up all the eggs and puts them under her or near her. There are about a dozen under her and I cant get to them. I get pecked violently and it starts to hurt. I assume they are going to be bad eggs once they are freed.

This has been going on for about 3 days now. I have tried 3 times to get her out into a pen I have (which is across from the boxes cuz thats all the room I have) made. There is food and water in there but I cant even get her off the nest. I have tried picking her up, but I get pecked till I actually bleed, I have tried using a piece of wood to move her to where I can guide her into the pen, but nothing works.

I am in need of advice to get her out without getting anyone injured! Maybe I'm just a wuss, but I have NEVER seen a broody so violent in her attacks. Also, if she can see the box, which I will clean out and put new bedding in adn clean out the eggs, will she break her brood seeing the nest? even if there are no eggs? Thanks for reading this post and offering advice, Im stumped.
I just pick mine up, to get her off. Maybe you can wear some gloves. You need to get her off the nest a couple times a day so she can eat, drink and take her dust baths. She'll stay broody for 2 or 3 weeks, during that time, she will not lay. Once they go broody, they will sit even if there are no eggs on the nest. I don't have a rooster or fertile eggs, nor do I want any, so I just let her do her thing. I don't miss the eggs during the time she's broody.
Wear some kind of thick or heavy gloves. Drop a pillowcase over her and pick it up by the open end. Put a fishing dip net over her and scoop her up. She will get off the nest once or twice a day to eat, drink, and poop, if that helps. You need to get her off those eggs before they start exploding.
I was just going to say to cover her head. Sometimes i can cover my hens' heads just with my hand. I have to move quickly and directly to get my hand over their heads before getting pecked (if they're in a pecky mood), but once i've blinded them that way, they don't peck me.

If you have a wire cage, you could put her in that and put it up somewhere so that the bottom of it gets lots of air circulation; some time in there may help her break her brood.
I'm afraid of her myself and she can't get to me. Could you get her once it's dark and throw a blanket or something over her and put her in a wire cage??
Great ideas! I am a first time chicken owner so this is all new to me. I had the beginnings down when I got them, but now the challenging stuff. Now when I get her off the nest (probably tomorrow) is it ok to put her into a penned off area thats not off the floor? I dont have a wire cage for her to be on so air can get under her? Its getting pretty cold here (western NY) nights so I dont know if this will help? I want to break her of her brood because I have no fertile eggs. Im also hoping to break her soon becase my hens all use the same box to lay (except one) and she chose that box. I went out yesterday and there were 2 other hens standing/laying in an awkward position laying around her. and there is not much room for that! lol. Thanks again for your help.
It's probably not going to break her of being broody. You need to collect the eggs under her, wherever she is, your choice.
If you do it that way, you need to make sure she has no bedding, just food and water - that's it. You could use a pet carrier; i've heard of people making that work. But don't let her have anything to nest in, not even dirt.
ok....a twist on things. Remember I am new to this! But I had penned her off with a concrete floor, no bedding, food and water. She was pretty angry sounding last night when I blocked off 3 sides to the pen. leaving one open to see the other hens. All good and fine till this afternoon. I went out this morning to check food and water as I do every day and to let them out, she was in pen still sqwaking very loudly. I went to the store and had to buy grapes for my fiancee so I bought a few extra for the hens. As I went to give them the grapes, I noticed that she had gotten out, how?, I am still trying to figure out myself. She is walking around outside fine with the other birds, not as aggressive as she was and acting like she always was. Is it possible she is not broody anymore? Or do I need to get her back into the pen and super secure it?

Another problem has of the other birds (different breed) has gone funny. She is flying more and more, acting VERY skiddish, and she is segregating herself from the group. She laid me an egg, but she is very afraid of me now. She has become very loud as well but is NOT acting broody as all. I am in need of ALOT of help! Thank you all for helping and offering me advice.

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