Help with chicken breeds, incubators, and candlers??

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    I am going to hatch eggs. I have this coop ((i did NOT pay 350 bucks for it! i got it used for 45. the whole back of it was ripped off. XD but i repaired that, and added in a screened window that opens for summer ventilation, and closes for winter warmth)) --

    It works like a charm! It says holds up to 3-4 regular chickens, and 4-6 bantams, but I've had 8 silkies in there without a problem and silkies aren't even true bantams!! well, my lead rooster, Dil, and one of my hens, Nuggets, have gotten eaten up by hawks.. [​IMG] so now i have six silkies! We have two roosters, and we might find a home for one of them, so that will leave me with 5 silkies. I can probably fit one regular sized chicken in there, and maybe 2 more bantams. i am planning on getting this incubator --

    But what i can't decide on is what breed to get!!! should i get a blue ameraucana? two bantam barnevelders? a wheaten maran? how about a Golden Lakenvelder? (i order from MPC XD )

    What breed do you think i should get? any ideas? And since we have roosters, i am planning on hatching our own chickens' eggs in the summer. I can't really decide between the manual mini (one i showed you before. --the link above-- it is manual, but it holds 10 eggs.) or the automatic mini? (holds 7 eggs, but it's manual. --link below-- )

    or should i just buy this little three egg incubator?? (below.) All i would need to do is set it to chicken, add water and ka-boom! chicks! [​IMG]

    And for candlers, should i just get the standard, or the high intensity? what's the difference, anyway?


    high intensity:

    Wow i have a lot of questions, [​IMG] hopefully someone can answer? [​IMG]
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    WOW! Welcome. Looks like you have to make some decisions.

    The incubators are pretty much your choice - as are the breeds - just make sure if you get a large breed that they won't pick on the silkies too much.

    For candeling eggs - the high intensity one is best for dark eggs. white or light eggs can easily be candled by a normal flashlight. But the darker the egg the harder it is to see in there.

    Good luck

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