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Nov 12, 2016
I have a first time broody australorp and she hatched 3 chicks. First she kicked out and I left to she if she would bring back and didn't. Then kicked out another I managed to save. I'm now raising in a box with a lamp but having hard time figuring out basics of eating. Last chick is doing well with mum. Should I grap last chick an put with the one in box in hopes of it showing it what to do and also company? Or leave alone and see what happens? Or try to put back with mum and chick? Advice would be most welcome. ( chicks are a mix between Rhode Island Red rooster and some isa brown mix hen)


Jan 27, 2017
Dripping Springs, Texas
Well, that's kinda hard because you never want to FORCE a chick to be with its mom when the mom doesn't want it, because the mom may even try to kill it. Butttttttt, also having one chick alone can be a little stressful, because the chick may start to feel depressed, and it will probably scream a lot. But if you take good care of it like giving it a lot of attention, I think it will be fine. The same thing kinda happened to me a few months ago, I got two chicks at a poultry show, and then one of them died so I was left with one. I felt really bad, so at night it started sleeping in a box next to my bed, and it would cry at night cause it wanted me. She followed me around everywhere, and ate at the table with us. She was very spoiled and still is
I think they get more attached to people when this happens. Depending on if you want to take on full responsibility of the chick and it may become spoiled, or if you want to TRY to put it back to the mom. You can put the other chick with the other one, but it might make the mama mad lol. Personally, I would go (if at all possible) to get another chick from a feed store or something. Luckily when the little spoiled chick that I had was little when I first go her I also hatched a few chicks that were that Same age. So they ended up living together.
So honestly I don't really know (lol after that long paragraph), I think that it's really your choice of what to do. Good luck with that. Hope I helped a little lol


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Feb 8, 2017
So what you wanna do, if the mamma hasn't done it already, is to show the chicks how to drink. You dip their beaks in water and after that they'll know.

Then you wanna make sure that the mamma isn't too aggressive with the single chick, if she is constantly ignoring it, and or pecking it without provocation, you wanna take that chick out with the other two. The mamma will get over it soon.

If the chicks seem lost in the place you're keeping them, place your hand inside and let them come up and investigate, they'll see you as a protector than a predator later in their life if you keep doing that.

Make sure they have access to chick starter or whatever you give your new chicks.

Thats all I got from my two roos, hope it helps!

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