Help with diagnoses: Chick will not stand up


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010

Long time reader, first time poster here.

I have a 6 week old partridge cochin, Lil Mama, who can no longer stand up. Ever since she was a wee chick she was not so smooth on her feet, but she was no where near spraddle legged and made daily progress. Just three days ago she was running around just fine with her roommates.

Yesterday, however, I found her laying down on her side a little or sitting all the way back on on her butt. As I watched her I noticed that she was struggling to stand. She does (and has always done so, but previously only when I picked her up) propel herself backwards with her legs and flaps her wings vigorously. Sensing something was awry, I pulled her from the rest of the flock and put her in her own little box. Today, she cannot or will not stand or walk. Anyone out there have any ideas?

Important info:
*She is eating and drinking, albeit I have to move her by hand to the makeshift waterer/feeder.
*She has no lesions which would imply Marek's.
*Both of her legs appear to be properly aligned.
*Her toes are now curled up.

Here is a photo of my beloved Lil Mama:

Any help is greatly appreciated.
The only thing I can suggest is giving her a drop of Poly-Vi-Sol without iron, hoping it's a vitamin deficiency. A drop a day, along the inside of the beak, not down the throat.

Have you searched the term 'walking backwards'? I remember seeing that mentioned numerous times, but never paid attention to the cause. Use 'search' in the blue bar, not the one to the right.

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