HELP WITH DIAGNOSIS? She looks eggbound, but there's no egg!


May 25, 2015
Hello everyone. I could use some help diagnosing my chicken.

I have a 2.5 year old Wyandotte hen. She's been with a healthy flock her whole life and has never gone broody.

For the last few days I have found her on the bottom of the roost floor repeatedly straining. When she stands she has that "tail down" posture which she continues to strain. I've reached into her, I have felt no egg even after sticking my finger 3.5" into her... there was nothing resembling like an eggshell. Rubbing the outside of her, I also feel nothing resembling an egg inside of her.

I've seen her pass stool, but it is mostly white, though there are some small bits of stool... but not in the amount I normally see out of her. When she walks, she walks slowly with small steps.

We have given her a warm bath and given her some calcium in yogurt. Even after a few days of this, her eyes are still bright and alive.

I doubt she is going broody as she is constantly straining.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on with my chicken?

Thank you in advance to everyone.

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