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    ok ssoo i got my ears peirced on july 26 . i've taken them out for about an hour or so before an when i put them back in, it was fine. so i know that they can go for an hour before closing up, but i wanna know if they can go for about 6 hrs without closing up or anything. does anyone know?
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    Um, I think you'll be fine. Just sort of almost 'ween' your ears off or earrings. Like one day maybe take them out for an hour, and then maybe the next day take 'em out for like two hours. I dunno somethin' like that.
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    At over 12 weeks of having them peirced you can take them out for a couple days or the night or whatever. You don't have to worry about them closing up now. Trust me :) I've got 3 in one ear and 4 in the other one.
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