help with feather issues


5 Years
Apr 7, 2014
I have 6 hens. 2 of them being bard rocks. The bard rocks are missing all the feathers from their butts and legs. They seem healthy. Any suggestions?
Do they seem to be molting? Molting usually occurs every 12 months or so, often in the fall or spring. Have you seen any mites? Mites and lice can cause feather loss, especially near the tail area. Check for small moving specks of black or brown. Have you noticed any of the other birds pecking at the Barred Rocks? And, how old are they?
1 yr old. The remaining 4 hens are nicely feathered. Have not inspected them for mites or louse.
Have you seen any of the other birds pecking at and pulling out their feathers? A few rather bald birds among some other, well feathered birds often means a feather picker(s). I would definitely check them for parasites, too. Molting is a possibility, as well, though it usually isn't quite this extreme.

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