Help with fencer/energizer choice for Premire 1 netting fence


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Apr 20, 2013
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My Coop
I have done so much looking online and in local stores that I have totally confused myself. I need someone with experience in electric fencing, specifically netted fencing, to help me. I snagged a 150' roll + 20' gate section of Premier 1 electric netted fence off Craigslist (for goats/sheep, but my chickens won't be able to get through and my main concern is keeping coyotes. & raccoons out).

I want to buy an energizer locally so I don't have to deal with shipping if I need to return it. I see Home Depot has this one but I can't figure out if it is appropriate for my fence?

The other I was considering was the solar powered Fi-shock energizer which is also .04 joules. Apparently these both have internal rechargeable 4 volt batteries.

I need one that us DC or solar run ( preferably solar). And it must have a on/off switch on the unit as my 4 & 7 yr olds will need to be able to turn it off to access the chickens by themselves for chores.

Should I just bag the above ideas and instead go for a DC charger that would be powered by a 12volt marine battery instead?



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Feb 28, 2013
NW Hills of CT
I have an electric net fence, but I use AC power off of a long extension cord. The charger draws very little current, so the cost to run is minimal and the draw on the cord is small too. Do you get enough sun to keep the batteries charged? A fence that goes dead is of no use. I use a Zareba charger that I bought from Tractor Supply. It is 2 joules, and puts out plenty of a shock. Net fences need a larger charger as a 100' fence can have 1200 feet of electric line. I think Premier recommends .25 joules per length of 164' fence.

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