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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I'm taking some birds to a show next month and I'm not sure how to 'class' them. The entry form is here. I'm taking 1 mille fleur d'uccles cock, a pair of porcelain d'uccles, a splash OEGB young pair, and a splash bantam cochin pullet.

    How do I fill it out for the d'uccles? I know I need to put the mille fleur and porcelains on separate lines, but what do I put for the breed name? Is it Belgian Bearded D'uccles?

    Is the bantam cochin 'just' cochin (with bantam listed on the left-hand column)?

    The OEGB would be Old English Game in the breed section, then bantam in the left-hand column?

    Do I need to put SC on any of them? I'm thinking no.
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    I have no answers [​IMG] sorry

    But will give you a bump in hopes that someone who does know is able to see this.

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