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9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Ok, I'm doing a study on gender expectations of boys. I want to get a good cross section of people, so a place where there is a good diversity of people, and I know how we all help each other on here. If you could please go to the poll posted below and tell me if any of you have any guesses of how it is going to turn out.

Thanks in advance everyone

You might be right and I might redo it with that as a variable. But I need a base line variable. So do you think more men or women would allow their sons to play with dolls?
^Precisely... nephew wasn't even allowed an easy bake oven... not even the kind that makes gummy worms because Dad said it "wasn't right"...

And of course it depends on your definition of dolls. Most guys will tell you that if it's got camo on it (ala GI Joe) then it is NOT a doll. But Ken, who wears jeans... definitely a girlie doll. So that's a consideration too. There are grown men who collect "action figures" that would blow a gasket if you called them dolls.
I also wonder how many people say it's okay, thinking generally, but wouldn't allow their sons to play with dolls if they wanted to.

I think it is even pronounced (sorry chemo today, not sure if that's the word I need) in rural areas than it is in urban. Truck driving, tractor pulling, hunting, fishing, and all the other things that go with rural living from an early age.

Girls are expected to play with Barbie, wear pink, and love tea parties and shopping with Mom not digging worms to use on a cane pole!
What demographics of this board do you think would skew the results? I would think there is men and women, older and younger populations on here offering a broader range. However, this is not the only place that I have posted the poll. I have posted it in predominantly female parenting sites, auto repair sites, facebook. If anyone else could think of a website that it could get posted please post it or tell me where. As for the various discussions on where it would be acceptable or what would be acceptable is still up coming. But in the end I will pay my 10 and 11 year old sons well to go play with girlie style dolls in public and record peoples reactions to them.

I might also publish another poll one for men one for women. It will be interesting to see the final outcome. I think a lot of people will allow their daughters to be boyish, and people will say it is ok for a boy to play with a doll, but I think people will have quite a different reaction when they are confronted with it in real life.

Thanks again everyone...

And please send the link to whoever you think might answer it, any where any demographics.. The more demographics the more accurate the results. Thanks

I'll take the fishing any day...

Of course my Grampa was a great cook, as are both his boys... though my Uncle D is the biggest sexist on the planet... even knowing he could cook BETTER he still thinks his wife ought to do it all. Seems like whacking your nose to spite your face to me. Needless to say BOTH my kiddos, 12yo DS and 8yo DD are BOTH getting cooking lessons.

Neither has ever asked for an easy bake oven... when others do they ask WHY? You want to wait six hours for a brownie?

I think in any poll there's going to be goofs because of translation... go play a game of family feud or two and you'll see what I mean. Half the time the answer they're looking for is NOT what I'm thinking they're wanting at all...

But then, if the results will be off no matter what... why not go ahead and take it here?

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