Help with Halloween Babies


Jan 29, 2019
South Louisiana
11 chicks hatched on the 28th of October.
Hens were black sex links, easter eggers, sapphire gem.
Roosters were white leghorn and easter egger.
All of the white chickens came out of blue eggs and I'm assuming the the father was the leghorn.
All the blacks came out of the bsl and I'm assuming father was the ee.
The grey's likewise came out of sapphire gem eggs and assuming the father was the ee.
There is an oddball that doesn't look like anyone else and I'm sure he was ee times we.
Any information on if I'm right about that is appreciated.

Anyway, more than anything I need help with sexing. I know I have a few obvious males and a few obvious females. But I'm on the fence about several of them. Thanks in advance and ignore the marker on the white ones. I can't tell them apart at all without it. I'm going to post pics one at a time so I don't get confused lol.


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