Help with Heinz 57 chicks


9 Years
Feb 14, 2010
Omaha, NE
These are about 4 weeks. One of the elementary schools in our district hatched eggs and we have NO clue what they are.

I is a Buff Orp but any guesses on the other?

Certain that the Buff is a hen, the white one looked hen-ish and but is a but different than the buff in terms of body. Kind of reminds me of some of the Mediterranean breeds (straight up and down tail). The white ones legs are starting to turn grey-ish.

Both feathered out similarly and at the same time. The buff one looks heftier but I think it is just breed difference. Love to hear what you think.

I agree both are hens. Buff orpingtons usually have white/pale pink legs. The white could be a white leghorn?
Possibly something mixed with a BO? Our last BO had definite white legs...these are not so white, but not super yellow either. The body shape and color looks pretty BO to me.

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