Help with hens laying first eggs and LOTS of morning noise.


May 14, 2015
Hello all,

Our ladies were born at the beginning of January 2015 and we found our first two eggs two days ago - we were shocked since we were not expecting eggs for at least another month. We have not found any more eggs since then but these were hidden by the back door.... The ladies are now very noisy in the morning which is a new activity as well... Does this have to do with possible egg laying? Our flock that was born in January consists of 16 Rhode Island Reds, Dominiques, and Easter Eggers.

This is my first time with chickens,
I got 6 Golden Comets, that were already laying,
and about an hr after i open the doors,in the morning
they start laying eggs, then come out and start crowing about it,
first time i thought maybe i had a rooster in there with them, man there all happy in the morning,
then about 2 hrs later they quiet down,
but then its only been 4 days with them too so I'm learning
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Yes, egg laying can be extremely noisy. Some hens announce with noisy fanfare their intent to go lay and egg. Others announce others' being in the nest. And most of them announce to the world at the top of their lungs that they've just laid the most important egg in the history of chickens.
Was it too early for them to start laying? Perhaps the two eggs were a fluke? I keep checking but no eggs since the first too. Is this common?
My 6 ISA browns are on the same schedule as your girls. I got them as day old chicks on January 8 and 3 days ago( 17 1/2 weeks) I found 2 eggs, one in the coop and one in the run. I had there nest boxes closed but decided I better open them up and put bedding in and yesterday I had an egg in one nest box and today I had another egg in the same nest box. These are my first layers so I am no expert but I am pretty sure the extra noise is normal. One of my girls got very very noisy a couple days before the first eggs showed up and then one other got noisy the next day. It seems like now after about 5 days of this all but one is being very loud so I think I am about to start getting lots of eggs
. I was worried my neighbors would be mad about the noise but I talked to them and they seemed happy for me and my birds.

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