Help with homing pigeon.


Nov 1, 2018
View attachment 1578556 This guy has been at my house for a week now. I am not sure what to do. I have never had one around before and he isn't leaving. I put a bowl of water deep enough for it to drink from. I gave it food, only because he wasn't leaving and I was worried. I have tried to catch it but it flys out of the cage before i can shut it. I can't see a tag on the leg either. What do I do to make it leave?


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Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
It is a feral pigeon most likely. It likes to be where it is since it is in a protected from weather area. If it belonged to a fancier, then it would most likely have a band. Even a temporary snap on with info like contact#.
Just keep providing it with water and some bird seeds. I feel that eventually will fly away. If you were to catch in a cage??? what are your intentions then???
Maybe pigeon is just tired from flying and not getting sufficient nutrition. By providing food, pigeon may recover/recuperate and move on.:idunno
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Feb 20, 2018
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You say you almost caught it in a cage? Is it injured? Personally, if I wanted it to leave, I wouldn't feed it. That will probably teach it to stay at your house. I agree that it's probably a feral. If it has been taking food for the past week it should have enough strength to leave. I the best way to make it leave is to get a stick/pole with something on the end (e.g. think similar to a flag) and wave it close to it. It should learn that it's not wanted. I think if you caught it and put it in a cage, then released it somewhere else, it would have the homing skills to come back. I might be a little concerned about its health though, the way it's hunched up suggests it's either sick or it's cold where you live. What are the temps? If it is sick, then catching it in a cage and feeding it bird seed and giving it water for a couple days is the best thing you can do, and hope for a speedy recovery.
It is a feral pigeon most likely. It likes to be where it is since it is in a protected from weather area.
I agree with you, it likes the protection. The best thing to do is remove the reasons it wants to stay. Namely, the food and water. It sounds cruel but it will probably work, unless it is injured and has a hard time flying. Then it's just cruel and won't work.


Oct 12, 2015
Does it roost on that porch light at night? if it does sneak up on
it and use a fishing net. Once caught feed, grit and water for a week
and if it seems healthy release it in an area were other feral's live.
If it returns add it too your flock.

It may be a domesticated bird that escaped
or released and not home trained.

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