Help with ideas for the remodel

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6 Years
Feb 4, 2017
Eastern Montana
Hi everyone!
Been a long time since I've been active on here. We bought a new property and it came with this chicken coop. It's in pretty decent shape other than we just replaced half the floor this weekend since someone (🙋‍♀️) stepped right through it. The previous owner thought a waterer on plywood was a good idea and rotted out that section of flooring.
I need some ideas on how to make this a little more functional.

I'm switching the chicken wire out to hardware cloth since raccoons/possums have already destroyed parts of it.

I'm going to put hinges on the side walls so they are easier to lift for air flow.

I'm not sure if I like the grate in the floor under their roosts or not. Seemed like a decent idea but I can see it getting clogged.

Should we put hardware cloth around the bottom of the outside so hens don't try to lay underneath?
We plan on taking the nasty plywood off regardless.

Please don't mind the mess around it! That's all the stuff from replacing floor etc.

Live in the mountains of California. Not overly hot not overly cold. Little to no snow in this area. Small amounts of rain.


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