help with identifying breeds please?


11 Years
Oct 6, 2008
St. Clair, MO
wondering if u guys could help me out and tell me what I have! I rescued these chickens earlier this week.

these 2 a small, with feathered feet and are white with gray speckles allover

this is a pic of the rooster-the white with black/gray specks across his neck festhers and on his tail(can't think of the correct terms...) and a pic of a hen, maybe a RIR--she is rusty colored with some black specks across her neck feathers

These 2 are cute as can be, the one is all black with feathered feet and the other is a gray/blue with feathered feet, they are also small, they are poofy kind of like a cochin

thanks guys!
Picture 1 looks like Porcelain D' Uccle bantams. 1 rooster 1 hen.
Picture 2 looks like 2 hens, but the breeds are somewhat of a mystery. Could possibly Lakenvelder...but NOT typy at all on the white one. The brown one could be New Hampshire Red??? I'd say these two were production birds...BIG time.

Picture 3 looks like black and blue Cochins...both females.
glad to hear you guys think its a girl, It's actually kind of mean and he/she makes alot of noise, rules the coop--maybe just cus she/he is the biggest? Have not heard any crowing yet.

Now that I've been watching more, the two little white ones do seem like 1 hen 1 roo, the one fluffs his neck feathers alot and stands tall.

The rusty one is so friendly! I think shes the one laying the one egg I get a day!

I thought those two others may be cochins, I had a cute little buff cochin before and he looked alot like those two.
Looked at some of the breeds u suggested, and the little white ones sure do look like porcelain D'uccles, and the little poofy ones really look like cochins---so thats what I'll call them! The bigger white one i dont think is a lakenvelder, not enough black on the neck? And the rusty one I think may be a mix.

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