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    Jun 13, 2010
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    I am still kind of confused on comb names. I took some photos of my hens and would like help with identifying the type of comb they have. I have 3 Orp/EE crosseswith 2 different types of combs. My understanding is that the type of comb MAY point to the color of egg - can anyone clarify that for me?

    Meringue (age 25-1/2 weeks) - Orp/EE cross - not squatting/laying yet - Type of comb? Color of egg?



    Verde (age 28 weeks)- Orp/EE cross - squatting x 13 days - not laying yet - Type of comb? Color of egg?


    Sassy (age 28 weeks) - Orp/Del cross - Laying brown/taupe color eggs - Type of comb?



    Do Meringue and Sassy have the same type of comb - just Meringue's is smaller?

    Thanks for your help!
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  2. banjoejoe4783

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    #1 and 2 are pea comb
    #3 is a silgale
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    Sep 16, 2009
    The type of comb does not tell what color the egg will be. From what I have heard, the earlobe (where the arrow is pointing on the picture) tells whether the egg will be colored or white. If the earlobe is white, the eggs are white. If the earlobes are red, they will be brown or a different color.
    The first and third pictures look like single combs and the second picture looks like a pea comb. I hope this helps! [​IMG]

  4. aussieheelr

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    #3 is the only true comb type as a single come. #1 is closer to a pea comb but still "off." And #2 is closer to a pea comb but "off" as well. When you breed birds together that have different combs they usually, not always, come out a little bit like each.
    The peacomb gene is near the egg color gene on the chromesome but isn't the same one. Example, I have an EE with a modified pea comb (since EEs are mixed they usually aren't true pea combs) and she lays a brown egg while my other EEs lay green... except my EE/leghorn cross who lays a sky blue egg and her comb resembles more of a single comb.
    Just never know with mixed birds, that's the "fun" in them.
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    Earlobe colour has nothing to do with egg colour. Yes, many, or even most red earlobed birds lay brown eggs and white earlobed birds lay white eggs, but that is coincidental, not a genetic linking. There are a number of examples that do not fit this "rule." The pea comb gene is VERY close to the blue egg gene, and thus both are inherited from the same chromosome 97% of the time (distance apart affects the percentage). Genes that are far apart have no more propensity to be inherited from the same chromosome than from opporiste ones.

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