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    Aug 1, 2011
    I have two chickens that were attacked by a dog. They both suffer from open wounds, punctures, and torn flesh. One the whole side is damaged badly. The other not as much. This happened on Saturday, they are still living and I have removed them from the rest of the flock and placed them in separate cages. I cleaned the wound as best as I can and rubbed a triple antibiotic ointment on the wound. Here is my question, am I doing the right thing, or would it better to put the chicken down. I do not want it to suffer, but I am also willing to nurse it back to health as well. Not sure what to do.

  2. Can you post some pictures? That'll help us see if the wounds are really bad.
  3. Oh, and if they can't stand or have any leg injuries make them one of these. Best of luck.[​IMG]
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    Aug 1, 2011
    [​IMG]Here the one with the worse damage. I thought her leg might be broken but she does stand and walk on it. As you can see she has a very tear. I am slowly able to remove the dried blood but don't want to rub too hard.
    [​IMG]Here is the second one, most of her feathers are gone due to molting. She just has a few punctures and that tear up in the left corner.
  5. Have you disinfected all the wounds? What part of the body is that big tear on?
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    Aug 1, 2011
    Yes I first washed it good, then I have been using CarraKlenz which is a wound cleanser. Once I clean it I have been putting the antibiotic ointment on.The large would is on her right side near her leg and bottom.
  7. I would bandage her wound lightly, not too tight but enough to stay on so she won't peck at it, and clean it every day. Don't let them out with the other chickens until their healed. I wish you luck.

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    They can heal up really well from some terrible flesh wounds.
    Just watch for infection, don't use antibiotic with pain relief, best to leave open to air unless fly strike is possible or they are pecking at it.
    If they are eating and drinking and pooping, they'll probably recover.

    That one looks really bad but can't tell if it penetrated the abdominal cavity....if it did, it would be hard to see if there's any infection inside.
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    My birds were attacked last night and this morning one of them has maggots all over her back. Worst part these are our meat birds that should be taken to the butcher in the next week or so. Can we eat injured birds?! And how do I get rid of the maggots?
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    Welcome to BYC. You may get more looks and information if you start a new thread here:
    Title your thread "Chickens attacked--Fly strike" or something similar

    In the meantime you should cleanse the wounds with antiseptic such as weak betadine, chlorhexadrene, or antiseptic soap and water. Vetericyn is excellent for wound care, or Bacitracin, plain Neosporin or other ointments. The one with maggots needs to be soaked in weak betadine or similar to kill the maggots. Each maggot must be removed, especially if any have gotten inside the skin. Remove the injured ones from flies (move inside) to care for them. There is a product called Swat and also permethrin spray can be used to prevent fly strike. Here is some info:

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