Help with my Easter Eggers...


7 Years
Apr 18, 2012
W. Sayville, New York
Hello friends. I brought home seven straight run chicks six weeks ago. Yesterday I heard my first "cocka-doodle-doo" from my backyard. It was my Buff Orpington. It was a day I was dreading - I cannot keep roosters where I live. Any roosters will need to be returned or adopted out. One of my Reds are also a roo, three others I am pretty sure hens.

I also have two Easter Eggers. Beautiful birds. One I am thinking is a roo, the other I am still holding out hope is a pullet.

Their feathers are very different, personalities too. Take a look - I would love your opinions.

This is Lily - A roo? He/she grew feathers very slowly. I definitely see a triple pea comb (although small), no real tail yet? and pointy wing feathers.

Below is Iris. It is very hard to get a picture of her/him. She is very shy. He/She feathered very young. She/he has rounder wing feathers and is plumper. Has no comb visible pea comb yet, but has (color is yellowish/pink)

Here are the two together.

This is the rest of the group...never thought I'd enjoy these chickens so much!
My hens - Cinnamon, Sugar, and Buttercup.
The boys :( - Honey and Rosie:

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