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    Oct 16, 2013
    First off, im new to BYC and never personally owned a flock.
    So when we move into out new house our neighbors had a cock that always crossed into our yard bur was horrified of us at first. I named him Pablo, he is VERY small, and he slowly got used to us and our dogs (especially me). And so they got a hen and they had about 3 chicks , 2 grew up to be hens.
    A few weeks (after the chicks became older) our other neighbors got a hen and a cock and they slowly joined Pablos flock. Soon one Pablo mated with one of the hens and now she has a chick (i hae the chicks trust aswell). And rcently she has been getting attacked by Pablos offspring (the cock) and now today i came home and noticed Panlo was being attacked ad i threw them some of my birds food and the male wasnt letting Pablo get near. He didnt eat either becuase he was focused on Pablo. I felt so bad becuase Pablo was always the dominant one so i got near to see if i could stop them but nothin happened they kept fighting! I was in arms reach of them (i never really tourched them and i was tempted to) but then one of our neibors dogs came barking and sared them.
    I was relived until i came back inside and then back out to check on Pablo and they were fighting again! Pablo is staying low and tries to aviod him. I feel so bad. What can i do? I know they are not mines but i've really gotten attatched to Pablo.

    Oh and also can anyone tell me what the male that chases panlo is doing:
    He gets next to the hen woth the chick and lefts one of his wings from his side (sorry for my bad explanation.. And pictures)

    Ps: Pablo is the smallest in the flock but in my opinion he is- or was- the most respected. And there is 4 hens, 3 cocks and one chick (female)


    Chasing Pablo

    This is Pablo
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    You generally want a ration of 1 male per 6 females. Otherwise your girls may risk injury and will have most of their feathers missing on their backs. As far as roos fighting, they usually do this to establish dominance and pecking order. If the fighting gets too severe you might have to separate. I have a few bachelor pads of roos. They will fight at first to establish who the king is and who the peasants are lol. Then they will settle down. Every once in a while one will decide he is tired of being the peasant and challenge the king. Once they figure it out, they are okay again.
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