Help with naming pullet - suggestions please

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by kuntrychick, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. kuntrychick

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    Jul 19, 2009
    I wasn't quite sure where to post this.

    I am not creative at anything & that includes naming animals. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I have a pullet that is black with a beautiful greenish sheen to her feathers, dark legs. I'm not even sure if she's a mix or if she is BJG or BA. I looked at the bottom of her feet & they don't look obviously yellow on bottom, nor obviously pink....actually kind of pinkish, whitish, yellowish with some sparse tiny speckles of gray/black of the main color of her feet.

    When she hatched, she had creamy yellow on her underside just a small patch under her butt...not on breast or belly or under wing area at all. She also had a teeny tiny gray/black comb (I thought she was gonna be a roo because of that).

    Now, she has the shimmery greenish tint to her black feathers & her comb & wattles are getting bigger & redder & she's becoming very vocal & practicing to lay. I can't wait til she starts laying!

    Anyway, what would be a good name for her? Open to any & all suggestions. I thought some of you with BJGs & BAs would come up with some cute names. [​IMG]
  2. 7L Farm

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    Jul 22, 2010
    Anderson, Texas
    I don't have many names for my chickens they all look the same. I just call them little babies & they all come running. Cutest thing I've ever seen.
  3. emay4short

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Auburn, WA
    How about Lena, like Lena Horne. She was an amazing singer and actress. Those black feathers with the jewel tones, make me think of some body glamorous.
  4. UrbanFarmerGreg

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Well does it matter at all what the name is...? what are your other chickens names? You could go cartoonish with minnie or daisy, go on the animal theme and name her after a different animal like: bear or shark... Go old fashion and name her Ethel, Constance, Bernie... Or maybe a longer name like Big Black Betty, Shimmering Sherry, Black and green Irene... or just unothrodox with Fred or James... or something funny like Ghetto Mama...
  5. ChicKat

    ChicKat Chicken Obsessed Premium Member

    Emerald, or Ezmerelda, or Elphaba
  6. kuntrychick

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    Jul 19, 2009
    Quote:My other hen's names are:
    Henrietta (RIR)
    Fanny (RIR)
    Blondie (BO)
    Roxie (EE)
    Cinnamon (EE)
    Scarlet (mutt)

    Those are some good suggestions from everyone!
  7. shellyga

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    Oct 23, 2010
    Quote:My first thought when reading the description was Emerald.. or how about Sheena..

  8. groundpecker

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    Jun 26, 2011
    Rison, Arkansas
    oprah, Tamika, eboneesha, sha-nay-nay I hope this helps.
  9. UrbanFarmerGreg

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Quote:After reading the other names the first two that came to where Frieda or Greta... also the word black in Albanian = i zi ... so the name Izzy is good I think. Lena and Lana are nice too
  10. StarLover21

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    Oct 11, 2011
    If her feathers have a shine, how about Opal?

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