Help with new chick PLEASE !!!


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Oct 4, 2010
Hi, Im new to hatching and my children took a very big interest. The farm gave me a 6 of one kind of egg and as she was one short she gave me a different larger egg. All the chicks from the smaller eggs hatched fine ( well one didnt, stayed a yolk ). Then the bigger egg hatched and its been terrible since.

Basically he pipped from the wrong end and hatching took days. He got out and hadnt quite absorbed all the yolk. He also has spraddled legs and curled toes. Ive taped his legs together exactly as described in the forum and he is also wearing the tape shoes. The belly button area has all vanished inside now and he just has a little dried blob like a baby does. Im obviously worried about infection but I dont know what I can do about that.

My main concern is since Ive taped him he wont move. He sits on his hocks and refuses to move. Where before he did move just badly. Am I doing more harm than good? He is such a little fighter he chirps and stands his ground if any other chick tries to bother him, the vet said cull him but my kids are so attached Ive got to try and save him.

I taped his splayed legs on Saturday and his toes last night.

Oh and his tummy does look a little swollen :-(

Any suggestions please ???
First off, Welcome to BYC.

The chick is still absorbing yolk.

The splayed legs can't be put too close together.

Be certain that it is staying warm enough and eating and drinking or it will not make it.

I've had a couple large chicks with splayed legs that it took two or three days to get moving.

Hang in there.
also, be certain that his taped feet aren't too large, just enough to keep his toes straight and in the correct positions.
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He seems a little better today, hes standing up a little higher and putting weight on his feet but not for long. I still havent seen him eat or drink yet but i keep showing him the water and he does drink when i show him. Ive added some mashyed egg tonight too.

Is there anything I can do to stop infection in his navel though? I clean the brooder all the time but still alot of poop in there

HOw do you add photos so I can take a pic of him

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