help with new chicks please!?!?!?


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
i just hatched out my first three babies ever on wednesday, but two of them have trouble walking!!! their feet stick out to the side!!!!!!!!!!
heres a pic:
(one is wet because it didnt hatch right. the membrane was very leathery and it couldnt move inside. i had to help it; it was BADLY stuck, and had this nasty afterbirth stuff that dried and hardened onto its back. I thought it would go away soon, but it didn't, so I just kind of took some warm water and brushed over its back and fluffed it out and placed it back under the light to dry). Anyway, both chicks have this issue. This is a new territory for me. Will they grow out of this? Can I fix it? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
i did it in time to save one which is now walking normally, but the other one still has spraddle leg!!!!!!!!!! is there a way to fix this!?!?!? i had no idea that the slickness of the environment had so much to do with growth!!!
ive taped them together, he keeps falling; is that ok? he isnt happy about it, but he will have to deal with it if he wants any hope of having a normal life. how long do you think it will take?

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