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May 4, 2009
Buchanan, Georgia
A friend of mine just brought me some geese. The lady said they were about three months old. One seems fine but one seems kind slow moving with lazy eyes and both of them are kinda holding their wings down a little. The one that is acting the worse is kinda drooling. I have never had geese and have never been around them. When I put feed(purina flock raiser) in front of them they go crazy and eat like pigs. They drink water too but not as much as I feel they should eating all that dry food. Any thoughts?
Yes keep feeding and watering them, If it is Hot in GA today give them some shade and if they don't have a pool sprinkle them with cool water. Your complaints don't sound like any disease I have seen, sounds like they might be hot and tired. Keep an eye on them and see if you can't guess what is going on. If this description rings bells with other goose people jump right in because I am only guessing.
Get a package of the Electrolyte powder that you add into water it will cause them to drink more. It sounds like they are stressed more than anything. But with temps getting higher the extra water would not be bad for them. Also, if they have not had a place to clean themselves, it could cause them to become diseased. Do you have a place for them to swim, even if it is a small bucket of water, something just big enough for them to get into.

One thing I learned the hard way is geese need to clean themselves daily.
What is wrong with the medicated chick feed. Mine stayed with the baby chicks until they were 1 month old and ate the medicated feed the whole time. They are now 2 months old and going strong.

I don't have a moose but who knows I may get one!!! Thanks to everybody who was nice enough to help. I checked on him this morning and he seemed fine. I think it was a combo of stress and the heat. Once again thanks!!!!
I would say they are stressed from the move. I'm sure the heat is part of it too. I'd give them some electrolytes and vitamins in their water. Keep in the shade as much as possible.

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