Help with pipped egg


11 Years
Apr 18, 2008
Triad, NC
At around 6AM, before work I noticed a tiny crack in one of my ten good eggs.

When I was home, by 3:30PM. That crack became a hole.

I can see the little baby's beak and can tell that it is alive. However, no progress has been made and it is now 6:38PM.

No other eggs have been pipped.

Do I help this babe out? He's also pipped slightly away from the air sac

Is this normal?

Please help. I'm excited and anxious.
So sorry, Grillmaster! The call to help is always a really tough one. I've hit veins jumping the gun, so it really is a rock and a hard place! Honestly, there probably wasn't a great chance for the chick either way. It wasn't anything you did or didn't do, I'm sure. The cards just fold that way, sometimes.
I have no idea. In the afternoon, I could see his little beak moving about through the hole and by night, he was no longer moving.

I still have 9 eggs in the 'bator'.... I'm afraid to open it to remove the little guy. What to do?!?!

Are the other eggs pipped? If not then it's absolutely fine to open and remove the egg. If you do have lots of pips, it still should be fine to open for a sec and grab the egg out. But if you're struggling to keep humidity up then you could wait until one hatches and the humidity spikes up and then pull the egg.

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