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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Lobzi, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I hope I can get some advice. I had a hen on eggs and when the first hatched and she squished it she abandoned the nest. Another hen, Quailie, took over the eggs but when the next two hatched they were killed, out of the nest and squished. This last one Im trying to save. It is with Quailie right now after I tried to put it with a new hatch from another hen, Little Black Hen. LBH just pecked the new baby and never accepted it in with her 4. Next I tried keeping it with me but it just cried and cried. I finally put it back with its mama, Quailie. Im so afraid it will die. Quailie is on a new set of eggs not due to hatch until three weeks. I can only try to put the little one under LBH tonight and see what happens tomorrow, or leave it with its mama Quailie and then just take it out and try to keep it fed. I have tried to feed it myself but no luck. It did peck around a bit in food while it was with LBH and the 4 other babies. I just dont know what I can do for it. I want to help it to survive so badly. Im just sick that it lost it's 3 siblings. I await any advice and will check back frequently to hear what you all suggest I do.

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    Oct 9, 2010
    [​IMG] I recommend taking it away. Do you have an pet stores that sell chicks where you live? Get it a few playmates, or give it a toy. I would NOT put it back with the hens. If it is rejected there is nothing you can do. Sorry for your loss [​IMG]
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    I finally put it back in the box with its mama. She seems to be paying attention to it. Ill keep an eye on the situation. Im thinking I may have to remove and try to feed it if the mama insists on staying on the nest. Perhaps once it gets a little bigger it can become part of the other hen's group. If not, Ill raise it myself as I did my first chicken that started me having chickens. I found him when he was no more than 4 days old and raised him successfully.

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