help with rescued wood duck


May 7, 2015
Last week I rescued a new born wood duck. Long story but she was floating down the river alone and a herring was stalking her. I have her in a 55 gallon tank with a domestic duckling I purchased to help her eat. She is doing wonderful and I hope to be able to release her eventually. I would love any advice anyone can give to keep her healthy, happy, and hopefully releasable. She is eating well and loves to chase bugs and forage. I am keeping the handling of her to a minimum. She is on wild water fowl starter, grass, worms, fruit and veggies. Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.
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You need to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in your area. The duck, as you are currently handling it, will not be releasable and by removing the duck (even with good intentions) you are likely already in violation of your state's laws with regards to the possession of wildlife.
Thank you for the information. I have yet to find a local rehaber that accepts wild waterfowl. It is only domestic ducks or they have not contacted me back.I have raised and released many other wild animals in the past, just not water fowl. I have 2 vets that I take them to when needed that always encourage me to care for them myself as there are few rehabers and they are always overwhelmed this time of year. I will keep trying but would appreciate help making sure I am doing things correctly in the mean time.

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