help with runaway chicken story in DC area


7 Years
Nov 13, 2012
Hi there. I'm a writer for the local section of a newspaper in DC and I was looking for Washington region folks raising chickens in their yards. I am trying to do a story on what you do when one of them wanders off. I belong to a few neighborhood listservs in Silver Spring/Takoma Park and every now and then I see posts for lost chickens. I never find out what happens to them. I am guessing chickens getting loose is more common with the rise of urban chicken farms.

If you have a few minutes to chat, I can be reached at shina AT

I am in Gaithersburg and have been living in DC for my entire life. I had a friend who kept a chicken, "Redie," in Palisades, off MacArthur if you can believe it. Redie would wonder off every now and then. They would get a call from a neighbor and go and retrieve lost Redie. Unfortunately, Redie, like any free roaming chicken, with enemies around, was eventually eaten by a predator. I imagine the Tacoma Park chickens met the same fate. I keep my chickens fully enclosed at all times now (I lost 7 to a predator in the spring.) We have fox, raccoon, Wiesel, snakes, and dogs after our chickens. During the day there is the Hawks.
hi. thanks for the reply! do you think the palisades folks would talk to me? i understand that they're not allowed in dc so i can stick to first names. poor bird!

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