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    Hi all,

    I have a person who wants to send me a Buff Roo. I have never done this before. I have ordered the box and its being shipped tomorrow to its destination. But I need to figure out what the appr. weight would be to send money for the shipping. See I am getting the roo for free but I have to do the leg work and send box and shipping money. What a great person.. I am so excited. This person has only ever shipped once. So they are kind of in the blue also.
    I did not buy a horizon box. I bought a from here
    was great.. He even went and weighed the box so I know what it weighs. But my problem is I don't know what a Roo weighs. Its a buff.
    Could someone weigh their roo and give me an idea or if you already know i would greatly appreciate it. With a horizon box and bedding it came to just short of 5lbs. But these boxes are way lighter.. only 15oz.
    I did not do the weighing yesterday so I do not know what the roo weighed by himself. So have no idea what to put in the calculator for usps express shipping.

    Also I was told at the post office if it was the other way around I would just bring the bird in its approved box and pay the express bill and he would be off. The gentleman that is sending the bird said a friend of his says he thought you had to take it to the airport. Some of you who have shipped adult birds could you tell me how it worked for you? please. Thanks cj.... did I say I was really excited.. [​IMG][​IMG]:yiipchick:ya:ya
    Bird people are just great. ... My other half is terminal and the silkies are my sanity and this person wanted to help me out as I needed a roo. What a kind jester.. Its a customer from selling hatching eggs too.

    Thanks in advance for any help in this matter. Cj

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