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9 Years
Nov 1, 2010
Northern L.P. Michigan
I have a large coop 10 x 12 and a small coop 4 x 8 with lots of roost space. This year is my first year with silkies, showgirls and sizzles. I have four birds that puppy pile on the floor to sleep and will not roost. As a result they frequently pick a spot they end up pooped on. I really want to build them a place of their own. I am in the far north of Michigan with cold winters. I am looking for ideas about what to build for these little guys. Can anyone give me some ideas what to do different for them?


10 Years
May 18, 2010
Could you just do a poop board under the roost to prevent them from getting pooped on? Mine pile in the corner and I just make a point of putting extra shavings where they snuggle and cleaning that spot more often. They life in their regular coop with a ramp just fine!


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Aug 6, 2011
In Happy Chickenland, Holland MI
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My Coop
Well, I have a different perspective on that, tap... Roger roosted 5 feet off the ground in the summer coop. The white hen I got from mom at chicken stock roosts in the big coop, 3 feet up. Guess I should note that the coop is only 4 feet high inside. Belle roosted 6 feet up in the garage. So, I guess though, they were shown how. I do use the wider roost boards.

If you'd rather keep them in the same coop as the other birds, maybe the poop board could be an option. Or maybe a wide, low roost the is against the wall but not under the others so they don't get pooped on.

An insulated dog house with a hinged roof and a door, on a homemade frame to bring it up off the ground a foot or two with a longer walk up... That's what I started with when I got my first silkies..

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