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    Jul 9, 2010
    I currently live in Spain and recently moved to a nice new place with a great chicken pen, nice and big. Since I have moved I have increased my girls and all has been well, but recently they have gone from about 6 eggs a day down to about 1 if I am lucky. Some of ,my new ones were laying from the irst day I got them and now even they have stopped laying.

    Also one of my hens seems to spend all day sleeping, her comb has gone a pinkish colour rather then red, she just spends all day with her head down, when you go to catch her she runs off then just stops and goes back to sleep, any ideas
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    How old are all of your hens? If over a year of age, it is possible that they are beginning a molt, during which chickens don't lay. When molting, chickens will also become more lethargic, and may develop pale combs and wattles.

    However, your sleepy hen is more likely, IMO, to have a problem than to just be molting. I think that Coccidiosis is one of the main suspects. I once had a chicken like yours. She was always sleepy, but I began to think that was normal. Then one day, after being stressed out at a poultry show, she started showing bloody droppings, which was a sure sign of Coccidiosis. I treated her, and ever since, she has been active, so I think that Coccidia was the problem all along.

    Can you get Corid or Amprol (they're the same thing) in Spain? Corid is really the best medication for treating Coccidiosis.
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