HELP with thermometers

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harris farm

9 Years
Aug 8, 2010
i set up my incubator 2 days ago with 3 thermometers. all 3 have different temps. they are at the same level. Which therm. do i go by or can i calibrate the 3 therm?
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I'm finding thermometer woes to be my biggest problem. Same issue. I'm going for average and crossing my fingers. This is my first hatch. I'm going to invest in better thermometers for the next one. Now I just need to know what better ones exist.
Here is copy from a website that I used to calibrate, using ice water. It makes for a very quick and easy way to calibrate and then check side by side for comparision. All the best, John

Ice Point Method

►Fill an insulated cup with crushed ice and water.

►The cup must have enough crushed ice to provide an environment of 32°F, so you may need to pack more ice into the cup during the process.

► When the mixture of the water has stabilized in about four or five minutes, insert the thermometer to be calibrated to the appropriate immersion depth.

►Be sure to hold the stem of the instrument away from the bottom and sides of the container (preferably one inch) to avoid error.

► If your thermometer is not accurate within +/- 2°F of 32°F., adjust the thermometer accordingly. The ice point method permits calibration to within 0.1°F.
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