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    Dec 6, 2011

    I have a Bantam Hen that has all symptoms of Mycoplasma Infection or if I am wrong some sort of Respiratory Disease

    If I had to choose one of 2 I would go with the Mycoplasma

    Her symptoms are: Swollen Around Eyes, one of them some times has tiny bubbles, not eating anymore by herself ( last 3 days), drinking occasionally ( I have to encourage)

    She has no respiratory symptoms, she is breathing without trouble, no mucus, no noise. She first started with the swollen eyes, then now she is fussy about eating

    On the last 3 days I have been giving her Terramycin with Electrolytes on her water

    Today after seeing that she is not improving and not eating enough i started kinda force feeding her hard boiled eggs

    I put her in my lap and open her beak and put little pieces one at a time. And she eats it with no problem

    My question is how many times a day do i have to do this. If I am feeding her only eggs, how much is enough?

    I notice that because she is not eating enough she is pooping green.

    Any other item or mix u guys would recommend

    She is my baby girl, I love her like any pet i got here please help out

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    Mar 22, 2010
    try corn, mine love it and will some times eat a bit when ill. I have found that I can get them to eat a bit by giving them some fluid first, wait a minute then offer food. The water may not taste good with the antibiotic and electrolyte solution in it. An eye dropper can be used to get medicine and small amounts of fluid in them. If she won't take it from you , you can gently tug on her waddles under her chin and tilt her head up a bit so the fluid does not go in her lungs. Do not enter her throat and just a small amout at a time.

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